Master the Art of Professional Email Writing

by Juan Nava

Email has become an indispensable part of our daily lives, especially in the business world. However, many people overlook the importance of the structure and format of their emails, despite the fact that an email can represent your brand, generate a sale or even create new opportunities. In this article, we’ll provide you with tips and recommendations on how to write professional emails that project a more professional image.

  1. Choose Your Title Carefully: The title of your email should be specific and concise, and should summarize the purpose of the email. Use the automatic response option and importance alert when needed.
  2. Use a Timeless Initial Greeting: In a work environment, use a timeless greeting that does not indicate when the email was sent. A simple “Dear…” or “Good morning…” will do.
  3. Keep Your Email Simple and Specific: Always try to summarize the information in your email, keep it short, and avoid using fancy backgrounds, as they do not look professional.
  4. Use a Polite Farewell: Regardless of the tone of your email, always end with a polite farewell. “Best regards”, “Have a good day”, and “Thanks for your attention” are all appropriate options.
  5. Configure a Personalized Signature: A personalized signature will save you time and give your email a more professional appearance.
  6. Take Care of Your Orthography: Check your spelling and avoid capitalizing letters, using abbreviations, or using emoticons.
  7. Delete Previous Conversations: Including previous conversations in your email may not always be necessary. Review and decide which emails to include in your response.
  8. Use CC and BCC Wisely: Be cautious about who you copy and blind copy in your emails.
  9. Confirm Urgent Matters with a Call: If you have an urgent matter to discuss, do not rely solely on email. Confirm with a call to ensure that your message is received promptly.
  10. Respond to Emails Promptly: Aim to respond to emails within 24 hours to avoid generating uncertainty in the recipient.

Additional tips to consider include saving important emails, avoiding getting into arguments over email, learning to use all the tools in your email, and avoiding signatures that come off as presumptuous.

By applying these recommendations, you can take your email communication to the next level and project a more professional image. Remember to use email as a work tool and learn how to use all the tools it provides to make your work more efficient.

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